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Alpha Cleaning
Cleaning Workshop - House Cleaning - Boat Cleaning - Carpet Washing - Piraeus Attica


The cleaning company ALPHA CLEANING, in Piraeus, is a sole proprietorship operating in the field of cleaning, with extensive experience in the industry over the last 37 years. It undertakes cleaning of buildings, houses, but also boats, as well as washing carpets and rugs. It has a highly trained cleaning crew and offers high quality services. The staff is reliable and experienced, with constant cooperation and consistency. Professional, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used for immediate and visible results.




Alpha Cleaning cleaning services:

  • Initial cleaning of buildings
  • General cleaning
  • Regular cleanings
  • Cleaning of apartment buildings
  • House cleaning
  • Cleaning of country houses
  • Cleaning of schools - tutoring centers
  • Cleaning of business premises
  • Shop cleaning
  • Exhibition space cleaning
  • Clinic cleanings
  • Shopping center cleaning
  • Cleaning up companies
  • Glass cleaning
  • Cleaning of building facades