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Cleaning of Houses - Residences
Alpha Cleaning - Cleaning Workshop - Cleaning Buildings - Boats - Carpet Washing - Piraeus Attica


Our company operates in the field of cleaning, with extensive experience in the industry for the last 37 years, undertakes cleaning of houses and residences. Alpha Cleaning's staff is trusted and experienced, with solid cooperation and consistency. Having experience and previous service, our staff uses high-quality, professional cleaning materials, in the quantities recommended by the manufacturer's instructions for use. Our company is able to provide you with comprehensive and efficient house cleaning throughout the year, at the most competitive prices. We undertake programs for cleaning the detached house or maisonette on a weekly or even monthly basis, always according to the needs of each customer.

  • Vacuuming the whole house.
  • Cleaning windows and frames.
  • We empty all the baskets and clean them with a special liquid.
  • Cleaning heating elements.
  • Cleaning living room, dining room.
  • Kitchen cleaning.
  • We clean the bathroom, sink, mirror, bathtub, toilet.
  • Cleaning and arranging bedroom and office.